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Fish, Shellfish & Lobster

Our fish market offers a wide selection of fresh fish, smoked fish, and shellfish. Offerings are fresh, local whenever possible and competitively priced. We have a live tank which houses a large selection of lobsters, may of which are caught locally. We have culls (lobsters with one claw) and lobsters ranging in size from just over a pound to those almost 3 pounds. Give us a day’s notice and we can get you lobsters that are even bigger.

We sell Finn’s chowder by the quart, prepared ready-to-cook lobster bakes with 24 hours notice, and sell bagged ice.

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10am – 7pm

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For the finest, freshest seafood, nothing beats Finn’s Seafood! Enjoy seasonal seafood such as tuna, lobsters, crabs, scallops, cod, shrimp, swordfish, and so much more!

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